Conergy and NEXTracker unveil Latin American and Caribbean Solar Alliance

weijing3333 5 years ago updated by alice915 5 years ago 1
Solar company Conergy and solar tracking corporation NEXTracker have announced the new Latin American and Caribbean Solar Alliance (LACSA).The LACSA was developed in order to push initiatives amongst solar industry professionals in both regions and support policies that encourage solar development.

Adam James, senior solar analyst at GTM Research, said: "This alliance is launching right when it is truly needed. Latin America has had triple-digit growth rates for the last three years, with expected compounded annual growth rates doubling Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America out to 2020."

LACSA will lead four main initiatives — sponsoring Latin America-centered solar events across the world, highlighting talking points from Latin American experts at said events, facilitating online knowledge related to PV in the regions and performing education and advocacy duties.

Mario Garcia, chief commercial officer at NEXTracker, said: “LACSA will be a terrific springboard for all of us doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is an extraordinary time for solar growth in Latin America; the PV pipeline is huge. LACSA will enable us to be proactive – collaborating to sow the seeds for solar to flourish in the region.”