Akcome to use Huawei’s ‘Smart PV’ O&M technology

weijing3333 5 years ago 0

PV utility-scale project developer and back-end PV components producer Akcome is to deploy Huawei’s ‘Smart PV’ O&M technology on gigawatts of PV power plant projects.

Earlier this year, Huawei signed a comprehensive Smart PV cooperation agreement with Akcome Electric Power Development Co for a total capacity of 1.8GW that incorporated its smart PV controller and intelligent operation & maintenance (O&M) management system.

Implementation of the Smart PV system was said to be ongoing with a 90MW project on former saline wasteland in Jinghe County, Bozhou State, Xinjiang Province that is expected to be grid connected by the end of November 2015.

The plant is also using Huawei inverters that are equipped with precisions sensors which can monitor the running status of each PV string. Big data analysis and data mining that covers all data instead of data samples are expected to be implemented that also enable operators to analyze the running and revenue statistics of the power plants in detail. Power plant efficiencies are also expected to be compared in various dimensions to identify power plant optimisation opportunities.

Currently, Akcome is building a new O&M centre to monitor and manage all of its PV power assets, which are expected to reach around 1GW in 2015.