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Greater ambition needed on energy decarbonisation ahead of COP21 - IEA

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National climate pledges so far submitted by countries ahead of the forthcoming COP21 talks fall short of the action needed to keep global warming within safe limits, the International Energy Agency claims.

A ‘World Energy Outlook’ special briefing published today by the IEA said greater ambition was needed by countries in cutting greenhouse gas emissions if temperature increases are to be kept below 2 degrees Celsius.

So far over 150 countries have submitted so-called ‘intended nationally determined contributions’ (INDCs), the pledges of action that will form the basis of discussions at the COP21 summit in Paris in December.

The IEA said that together these pledges would reduce growth in energy-related emissions, which account for two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions, considerably by 2030.

But according to the agency’s analysis, they would be insufficient to change the current global trajectory, which is to overshoot the 2-degree warming limit within this century. The IEA said the INDCs should therefore be regarded as the minimum level of action countries are prepared to take.

“Pledges for COP21 will have a positive impact on future energy sector trends, but fall short of the major course correction required to achieve the agreed climate goal,” the report said.

“If climate ambition is not raised progressively, it is estimated that the path set by the INDCs would be consistent with an average global temperature increase of around 2.7 degrees Celsius by 2100, falling short of limiting the increase to no more than 2 degrees Celsius. The INDCs must therefore be viewed as an important base upon which to build ambition.”

The IEA has already outlined a course of action that it says could achieve a peak in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 through a concerted investment push in renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency.

Its latest report acknowledged that many of theses measures are included within some of the submitted INDCs. “But there is scope for their adoption to be broadened and their level of ambition to be raised,” the report added.

The IEA said achieving the “ultimate climate goal” would require greater innovation in the energy sector and on the deployment of “new and emerging energy sector technologies that have the potential to deliver the transformational change”.

This echoes observations reported yesterday by PV Tech made by Sir David King on the need for a global ‘Apollo’ programme to boost clean energy research and development.

In an interview with PV Tech, Sir David said globally coordinated investment was required to help renewables such as solar make the final push towards competitiveness with fossil fuels.

He said he was hopeful that political discussions already underway and the momentum generated by the COP21 talks would result in an agreement on the proposed initiative, in which solar PV and storage would be a key focus.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA, reiterated the importance of Paris in spurring the energy sector to take faster action on decarbonisation. “The energy industry needs a strong and clear signal from the Paris climate summit. Failing to send this signal will push energy investments in the wrong direction, locking-in unsustainable energy infrastructure for decades,” he said.

Longi Silicon Materials deputy general manager resigns

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Major monocrystalline wafer producer Longi Silicon Materials said its deputy general manager has resigned.

Longi said the resignation of Mr Huang Lixin was due to personal reasons and noted he had made a commendable contribution to the development of the company during his tenure.

Longi has aggressive capacity expansion plans across ingot/wafer to solar cell/modules, having announced several gigawatts of expansions, including an integrated mono c-Si solar cell and module plant in India.

JA Solar increasing cell and module capacity to 5GW by mid-2016

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Updated: 'Silicon Module Super League' member JA Solar said it would make significant manufacturing capacity expansions by mid-2016 to meet demand.

JA Solar said that it planned to increase ingot/wafer production for the first time in many years to 1.5GW, up 500MW from 1GW.

Both solar cell and module nameplate capacity would be increased to 5GW by mid-2016, equating to both being increased by 1.4GW from planned 2015 nameplate capacity levels of 3.6GW.

The company recently starting ramping its new 400MW solar cell manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia.

Management noted in its earnings call to discuss third quarter that the Malaysian plant had a nameplate capacity of 800MW to 1,000MW.

Ingot/wafer capacity expansions would be undertaken at existing facilities in China, while the majority of PV module expansions would also be at facilities in China.

However, management noted that it had an OEM module agreement in Vietnam and could possibly expand solar cell capacity at the plant in Malaysia, which was only expected to ship around 20MW in the fourth quarter and was therefore focused on ramping to its initial 400MW nameplate capacity in 2016.

According to Finlay Colville, head of market intelligence at PV Tech’s parent publisher, Solar Media, a key highlight from JA Solar’s results was the intended capacity expansions for cells and modules that have come swiftly after Canadian Solar had issued a similar effective capacity ramp for 2016.
“Based on our updated model for JA Solar’s manufacturing facilities, we are now projecting a possible 700MW of cell production outside China during 2016, feeding into a potential third-party module shipment figure of 4.5GW for 2016,” noted Colville. “This would get us close to JA Solar’s projected goal of increasing its market-share significantly in the US during 2016 also, noting that US based shipments can be increased through third-party cell requirements too.”

One of the key global market weak spots for JA Solar had been the US, ever since the imposition of anti-dumping duties, effectively eliminating the integrated PV manufacturer from the US market.

Management said in the earnings call that it was seeking 10% of the expected 10GW US market in 2016, inferring a shipment target around 1GW to the US was being targeted for next year.

“From a manufacturing capex (capital expenditure) standpoint, 2016 is being modelled at 25% higher than 2015, with the module share of capex largely remaining within China at domestic tool suppliers. Western tool suppliers however stand to benefit from the overseas cell capacity additions and will be eagerly awaiting discussions with JA Solar regarding the technology and phasing of the new cell lines,” added Colville.


SolarEdge reports record quarterly revenue with strong shipments

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PV inverter manufacturer SolarEdge Technologies has reported record high fiscal first quarter revenue of US$115.1 million, up 16.9% from the previous quarter and 71.8% year-over-year.

SolarEdge shipped a total 356MW (AC) of inverters in the quarter, equating to 1,460,000 power optimizers and 54,000 inverters. North America remained its largest market with shipments totalling 232MW (AC).

The company said it had sold to more than 125 direct customers in 31 countries in the quarter, while sales in the US market accounted for 68.5% of revenue, down from 71.9% in the previous quarter.

GAAP gross margin was 29.1%, up from 28.7% in the prior quarter and up from 20.9% in the fiscal first quarter of 2015, which was due cost reduction plans, despite the company having to offer volume-based pricing discounts but also incurring lower ASPs from higher sales in Europe in the quarter due to exchange rates between the euro and the US dollar.

However, management noted in the earnings call that ASP decline was within its expected ASP per watt erosion guidance of 7.5% to 10% for 2015.

Guy Sella, founder, chairman and CEO of SolarEdge said: “We improved our gross margins and profitability while remaining within our plan for 7.5% to 10% price reduction for the year which we believe supports our goal to increase market share. These improved gross margins are a result of effective cost reductions which will continue to be a focus for our R&D team.”

GAAP operating income in its fiscal first quarter was US$14.9 million, up from US$11.9 million in the prior quarter and up from operating income of US$2.4 million in the fiscal first quarter of 2015.

GCL-Poly struggling to keep up with polysilicon and wafer demand

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The largest polysilicon and solar wafer producer GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has reported both its polysilicon and wafer operations were at full capacity in the third quarter of 2015.

GCL-Poly noted that polysilicon production in the first nine months of 2015, was approximately 55,771MT, a 12.5% in increase over the prior-year period when production topped 49,582MT.

Polysilicon production in the third quarter reached 19,003MT, up 10.2% from the third quarter if 2014.

The average selling pirce of polysilicon sold to third parties was US$16.3/kg in the first nine months of 2015, down from US$17.2/kg in the prior year period. Third-party sales totalled 4,653MT, up 28.7% compared with 3,614MT over the same period of last year.

GCL-Poly said that wafer production was 10,928MW, 14.0% higher than the first nine months of 2014, while third quarter production topped 3,826MW, up only 3.9% on capacity constraints of adding 1GW of extra production in 2014 to bring total capacity to 14GW.

Third-party wafer sales increased 11.1% (4,022MW) year-on-year for the quarter and 18% (9,396MW) over the nine month period.

Wafer ASPs in the first nine months of 2015 were US$0.189/W, down from US$0.195.W in the first six months of 2014.

GCL-Poly noted that its latest ‘Multi-Wafer S4’, high-efficiency multi-crystalline silicon wafer production could not keep up with demand at certain times in the year.

State coal mining firm plans 1GW of solar in India

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State-owned coal mining company Coal India Limited (CIL) plans to develop 1GW of solar power projects across India in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

Nagendra Kumar, technical director of CIL, told PV Tech that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) to carry out the solar projects. SECI was recently renamed Renewable Energy Corporation of India (RECI) as it became a commercial entity.

Kumar said: “We are trying to locate new states, but at the first stage we are looking at Madhya Pradesh.”

CIL plans to complete at least one 250MW project within one year in Madhya Pradesh. Kumar added that to complete 1GW of installations there is a problem with land acquisition currently. Land in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Bihar, Orissa and Chhattisgarh were cited as potential options.

Kumar said the entrance into the solar market is “one step” the company is taking to reduce its carbon footprint.

Yesterday multinational conglomerate Aditya Birla Group also announced its partnership with private equity investor Abraaj Group to develop utility-scale solar power plants in India. The new renewable energy platform, Aditya Birla Renewables Limited, plans to bid for projects tendered in both state and national auctions in India. For example, there are state auctions coming up in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

ET solar forms EPC partnership in Brazil

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ET Solar Chile, the Latin American subsidiary of PV developer ET Solar, has formed a consortium with Brazil-based electronics manufacturer WEG to offer turnkey PV services for the Brazilian market.

The consortium also plans to offer O&M services. It has already begun working with customers and expects to begin construction activities in the first quarter of 2016.

Manfred Peter Johann, managing director of WEG Automation, said: “ET Solar's global EPC experience delivering turnkey projects coupled with WEG's high-quality components will allow our consortium to offer products and services packages to investors that will conform with the financial pre-requisites established by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) at a moment when the Brazilian market is very receptive to PV solutions implementation."

Jaime Portaluppi, ET Solar's managing director for Latin America, said: "The consortium grants access to the Brazilian market with compliance with BNDES content requirements. Our partnership comes at a time when Brazil is giving signals of embracing PV as a viable and cost effective alternative to their energy matrix."

Last week, PV Tech reported that JinkoSolar had frozen plans to build a 200-300MW module assembly line in Brazil, due to uncertainties in the Brazilian marketplace and currency risks. While this uncertainty related to manufacturing, PV project development is also affected as BNDES is only offering financing to PV players that follow a progressive nationalisation plan for equipment manufacturing.

Nevertheless, in September, Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) introduced a new solar PV target of 7GW of installed capacity by 2024, almost doubling its previous target.

Brazil's latest solar auction resulted in the award of 833MW of solar power projects out of a total 11.3GW of short-listed projects, showing that Brazil has become a highly competitive market.

Order Focus: Longi to supply 300MW of mono c-Si modules to CMNE

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Major monocrystalline wafer producer Longi Silicon Materials subsidiary, Lerri Photovoltaic Technology has secured a 300MW monocrystalline module supply deal with China Minsheng New Energy (CMNE).

The company said it had won several 100MW supply deal bids that totalled 300MW; full written confirmation of the deals was said to be pending.

CMNE is planning PV projects in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of northern China totalling around 1GW, with longer-term (5-year) plans for installations totalling 20GW in various regions of China.

kingpo technology development limited

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kingpo technology development limited

kingpo technology development limited

Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler of glow wire tester, ball pressure apparatus, DC spark tester, flame test chamber, testing instrument, IPX5/IPX6 jet nozzle, IPX3/IPX4 sprayer nozzle, spring impact hammer, salt spary machine, gauge for caps on finished lamp
KINGPO is a testing and inspection equipment manufacturer.
We aim at provide best precision measuring instrument and excellent testing equipment. We believe quality speak louder than words.
All products manufactured accord to international standards, say VDE standard, EN standard, IEC60061 standard, IEC60884, GB1002, UL498, UL1278, BS1363 and so on. Provide calibration certificate issued by accredited and internationally recognized laboratory.
Many famous international certificate and inspection laboratories keep good business relationship with us. Our clients wide spread over


LED Square Panel Light 12W 20*20CM

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LED Square Panel Light 12W 20*20CM

Product Specifications/Features
    * Rated Power: 12W
    * Light Source: 120pcs 3014 SMD LED
    * Input Voltage: AC85-265V(50-60Hz) *Luminous Flux:>750lm
    * CCT:
    * PF>0.95
    * CRI:>75
    * Beam Angle:>110°
    * Lifespan: >50000hrs
    * Working Temperature: -10~40℃
    * Hole Size:180mm*180mm
    * Dimension:200*200*11.5mm
    * Material: AL+PMMA

    1. No glare, high-grade backlight level lighting fixture
    2. Seamless connected frame, safe and graceful
    3. No RF interference, no flickering, no dark space, no light leak, no noise
    Widely applied to superstores, malls, shopping centers, schools, office buildings, hotels, factories, hospitals, and other cases for public lighting, commercial lighting, interior lighting etc.
  • Packing: color box
  • Shipping: BY sea or by air