IC power supplies in mass production while partial products produced by other manufacturers

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Wu Qinqin, secretary to the president of CFLED said, IC power supplies have been continuously innovated and adjusted. Currently, the IC power supply program is designed by the company, while part of the IC power supplies are produced by other manufacturers. IC power supply for finished LED lighting products are already in mass production.
Wu Qin Qin added that the company mainly adjusts the program according to its own LED lighting products, and now has partial power IC products for the company itself to use.
It is understood that in late October, the IC drive power R&D project for LED lighting products of the company is planned to be listed in the table of “Shenzhen Science and Technology R & D Fund, 2013” by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Commission.


Taiwan makers poised to produce 15mm LED BLUs for Ultra HD TVs

Taiwan produce 15mm LED BLUs for Ultra HD TVs

Taiwan-based LED packaging houses, mainly Everlight Electronics, Lextar Electronics and Unity Opto Technology, are set to start producing 15mm OD (optical distance) backlight units (BLUs) specifically for use in direct-type backlit Ultra HD LCD TVs at the end of 2013.