kingpo technology development limited

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kingpo technology development limited

kingpo technology development limited

Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler of glow wire tester, ball pressure apparatus, DC spark tester, flame test chamber, testing instrument, IPX5/IPX6 jet nozzle, IPX3/IPX4 sprayer nozzle, spring impact hammer, salt spary machine, gauge for caps on finished lamp
KINGPO is a testing and inspection equipment manufacturer.
We aim at provide best precision measuring instrument and excellent testing equipment. We believe quality speak louder than words.
All products manufactured accord to international standards, say VDE standard, EN standard, IEC60061 standard, IEC60884, GB1002, UL498, UL1278, BS1363 and so on. Provide calibration certificate issued by accredited and internationally recognized laboratory.
Many famous international certificate and inspection laboratories keep good business relationship with us. Our clients wide spread over

TESTEX is a company focusing on developing and manufacturing textile testing equipment since 2008. Glow Wire Testers are sold at competitive prices.

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